Laurence Bellity


Sometimes we suffer, we feel alone or not understood, we have the feeling not to be at the right place, we think that we do not deserve the happiness, as guide of light I can maybe help you to go inside you to reach in good conscience what you really are. To create your reality, let us fetch together the divine spark which is in you.

The fears and the wounds prevent us from evolving, by observing, by aligning itself, by raising awareness what disturbs us, we are going to put some light above to pass beyond and move forward.

The disease, the physical and psychic wounds are a kick of the Universe to make us understand that there is a blocking. It is necessary to set Consciousness of these “evil in said” to release itself from negative energies and transmute them in positive. The Universe wants what is best for us, even if sometimes we do not believe in it. It is our words, our thoughts, our actions that condition what we are, which create our world and our reality.

To be happy and to increase our vibrations taka the opportunity to contact me, as nothing occurs accidentally, and if you read these few lines it is that this is not a random!