Beginning of 2017, a friend suggested me “accidentally” accompanying her in journey in Guatemala to follow the education of Don Ernesto ORTIZ. I had to decide quickly because it was necessary to book plane tickets, accommodations and other formalities. I was not particularly attracted by this country and I had never heard about this man. This journey represented a large amount of money for me and which was not planned in my budget. I had however a small sum of money aside but which was assigned to the creation of a space of well-being to welcome people and practice my magnetism.

My friend had given me 2 days to decide, a stress seized me, what decision did I have to take? It was reasonable to spend all my savings on a journey of 15 days? Wasn’t it better to keep my money to create this treatment room about which I dreamed so much?

I began to look at Ernesto’s videos on You tube, to read articles on Akashic Records, I was amazed by what I could read, my heart pounded, as if I felt that at the bottom of me had to follow my friend? But a part of me told me that I could not leave my husband alone to take care of our 2 children, it was cowardly, and so selfish to spend this money only for my well-being … numerous questions invaded my head. My dark and bright sides bickered alternately, but of these both who was going to win?

During a discussion with my husband and my children, for them it was obvious I had to leave to come back different. What did they meant by different? Was it better? More composed? Less irascible? I was a little hurt (my Ego) that they wanted me to improve myself, was not I thus the mother and the perfect wife for them? This small electric shock made me react and become aware; obviously that it was difficult for them to live in the side of a hypersensitive woman who did not know how to live with all her perceptions. And then was not it better that I am ready and in agreement with myself rather than to create a space of care without being really good at the bottom of me? My decision was thus taken; I was going to leave to Guatemala for Mars 2017.

When I was introduced to Ernesto I had the impression to meet an icon, I couldn’t believe it that he was in front of me. I hardly dared to speak to him.

He is the rare man, endowed with numerous gifts, who does not hesitate to share his real-life experience and its experiences, his deep internal space, he communicates with his heart.

For 15 days Ernesto fed my spiritual quest in search of myself, I lived a journey of transformation and liberation. This exceptional speaker urged me to observe my cuttings off, his education enriched me and helped me go out of my zone of comfort to grow up and go to the discovery of my soul.

As hypersensitive, to learn to connect me to the world of Akasha became essential to know how to use my subtle perceptions and to welcome messages, source of guidance and love.

Thus I learnt to connect in my own Akashic Records then finally for others. It’s as if the truth was finally revealed to me. I had access to everything, to the Universe! I felt so much love every time I opened my files, I received an unlimited guidance.

As Don Ernesto Ortiz says: “Akashic Records are always available to inspire you in life and bring you the light-guide which you look for. During this progress with this material, you will receive information of a priceless value”.

This tool of knowledge is a real light source of deep self-fulfillment and greater well-being.
I received the prayers crowned to open my heart to the divine and reach this magnificent dimension. Thanks to them, I am now guided towards very invaluable information for others and for myself.

Thanks to Masters and teachers of Akasha, I am capable of welcoming the messages which are useful for the liberation of each: energy, physical, emotional and mental.

This intensive seminar allowed me to familiarize me with the pure Love, the Light and the Spirit, and allowed me to walk towards my emotional well-being.

I penetrated into the sacred space, like a gold digger to understand, adjust, raise awareness and do my best to reach a peace of mind

This experience upset and transformed my life; during this journey I understood that I radically had to change professional life. On my return, I resigned from the company in which I was for 15 years; I left my functions of Sales Administratior and Supplier Manager in the Aeronautics to assist all people that need guidance.

My close friends immediately witnessed changes which had operated in me for their biggest satisfaction.

I contribute now to the expansion of consciousnesses and assist the willing people in the exploration of them, to offer them the opportunity to open their wings and to take off!

I am in the service of other people, I give the information such as I receive them, I always ask to receive only the information which the people are capable of hearing. Thus you will receive only what you are capable of receiving at this moment.

The vibratory rate of the planet rises, it is the perfect moment to open our eyes, raise awareness, end unfinished works, express love, and ask for forgiveness or for a resolution of conflict.

Here is the time to abandon, give up any limitation, or erroneous faiths, to open to our small voice and live fully this embodiment on Earth.

If you wish to experiment the magic of the superior plans, maybe I would have the privilege to receive you for a reading of your own Akashic records to go towards the bright potential of your spirit.



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