In my professional practice I make a commitment to respect the following fundamental principles:

I am honest, I do not smoke, I do not consume alcohol, nor other substances because I wish to protect, to discipline and to coordinate my natural gifts and my intellectual and moral qualities. I carry out the duty to calm, to relieve, up to the extreme limit of my ways, the suffering of those who come to me.

I keep the strict secret concerning all the information that are confided to me. I do not formulate judgment, each of us have our own history and way of life.

My work comes true in harmony, and not in contradiction with medical profession. I formulate no diagnosis, do not criticize those established by the medical profession, and invite my customers to pursue the diverse medical treatments prescribed by the representatives of the medicine. My activity comes in complement and possesses the advantage to be compatible with any medical treatment.

I am in keeping with the administrative obligations in the state in which I exercise my activity.

My diverse practices require in no way to remove your clothes.

The number and the duration of the sessions can vary from a customer to another according to the susceptibility of each.