My name is Laurence BELLITY

From my youngest age, I felt that I was different from others, I perceived “things” which other people could not see or understand, I had access to information, to intuitions. I lived in the fear and did not allow myself to speak about this around me. This intrusive secret and my emotions made me a not understood being, preventing me from living fully in the enjoyment.

A few years after the birth of my children, all my fears resurfaced, my internal child asked to be heard, understood and reassured. Thus I decided to go out of my silence, to try to explain to my entourage what I felt since childhood and finally to accept my gifts.

After a long time to work on myself, I managed to accept myself such as I was. DO NOT HAVE and possess but BE. Welcome and do not emit resistance through life.
Thanks to the open-mindedness and thanks to the support of my two children who are my inspiration and thanks to all the people who gave me their thrust by coming to see me in consultation, I have learnt a lot.
During all these years I have awaken myself, I accept my spirituality, it is my mission of life to help others.

I have a lot of gratitude for this path, life has not always been kind with me but today I am relieved, serene and aligned with myself. I understood that the “things” of the life do not arrive accidentally.

If today I share my experience it is because I feel the need to express my vulnerability and I want to give some hope to all the outstanding people or some in search of a greater well-being.

Believe in me it is possible to get better.

And as says Eckhart Tolle: “all that we need is to tidy up inside us and the outside will take care of itself.”

Believe in yourself, follow your dreams.
Learn who you are.
Observe what it takes place in you.
Accept your difference.

The awakening is not a purpose, gradually follow your way to understand and experiment things.